Saturday, September 11, 2010

My disasterous achievement

It all started with the wrong chocolate cake recipe. It was too soft so it couldn't support the weight of the fondant. I watched it sag and buckle more and more each hour.
My second mistake was using store bought frosting to dirty ice it. Again too soft.
My third mistake was rolling the fondant too thin. So it cracked in places and created shadows of the dark chocolate icing beneath it.

And you know what they say. You must have a good foundation.

This is my first tiered cake. It is also my first attempt at using pearl dust.
I like the effect the dust had on the white, but think it looks a little gimmicky on the colors.

My 100th mistake was on the cake topper. I formed a bow out of blue and orange and it shattered into 1000 pieces. So the curling ribbon was a last minute fix.

All in all I am really proud of it. I made alot of mistakes, but I recognized each one and now I know how to do it better next time. I think it looks happy and cheerful, despite it's flaws.
And it's raised my confidence for next time.

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Carly said...

I wanted to try that for Kai's b day...but i was too tired and lazy. it looks really cute!!